✊ Our mission

We're building the ultimate delivery experience for independent brands.

💬 Our story

As Amazon is pouring billions into its e-commerce infrastructure, independent brands are struggling to offer the same level of trust and experience to their customers. They're now faced with a difficult choice: hop onto the Amazon train or lose customers every day.

We founded Bigblue to help independent brands fight back. Together with companies like Stripe and Shopify, we're arming the direct-to-consumer rebellion. Shopify powers their e-shop, Stripe makes payment trivial, Bigblue enables fast and branded delivery experiences.

⚙️ Engineering culture at Bigblue

We're re-inventing the e-commerce delivery experience stack from top to bottom. This creates an incredibly diverse set of challenges.

Engineering principles

We build systems

We share the vision so everyone can build with the future in mind.

We are product engineers

Bigblue engineers don't ship Jira tickets, they solve problems.

We grow together

Taking ownership and honest peer reviews are the best way to grow as a team of engineers.

🏆 A Golden path

Not every problem deserves the same solution, yet agreeing on common foundations enables us to ship at an incredible pace. As Spotify did, we invest heavily in documentation and tooling to support the opinionated way of solving problems with software at Bigblue.

How we work

We work in 6-week cycles

Cycles create healthy routines and focus teams on what needs to happen next. We don't believe in the usual 2-week scrum cycle. It creates more bureaucracy than value. We chose 6 weeks because it is long enough to deliver meaningful outcomes while being short enough to always have the end in sight.

After each cycle, we cool down

To harness our team's creativity, at the end of each cycle we organize a cool-down week. It's a sort of ritualized hackathon during which engineers are free to work on the topic they want. The only rule: you need to demo what you worked on!

Knowledge sharing

<aside> 💡 Every week, the product team meets to share their knowledge. During this session, each team member shares an article that has stood out for them during the week.